Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 352

Pork Pastry: "Pork" and "pastry" aren't usually two words you find together, but that's exactly what I found yesterday on Buford Highway. While doing some browsing during my last official shopping trip, I noticed an Asian bakery called the "Master Bakery" that I'd never been to. I'd attempted to visit them once before, but they were unfortunately closed on the day that I tried. I love Asian bakeries, and I was curious to find out if this one offered anything different.

The bakery itself wasn't that big, and in addition to the ubiquitous pre-packaged buns and cakes wrapped in cellophane, they also had a case featuring some house-made offerings. One immediately caught my eye, with a card beneath it that read "pork pastry." I asked the lady behind the counter what was in them, and she said "pork...and pork fat." There was a bit of a language barrier going on between us, but that was really all I needed to know. I also bought something else, but I'll get to that tomorrow.

I was really curious about these, so I eagerly unwrapped them this afternoon to try. Each one was a bit bigger than a wedding cookie, and the buttery outer crust was topped with sesame seeds. I could see some sort of dark brown filling, so I took a bite to find out what was going on inside. Wow - these were awesome. The flaky, slightly chewy crust gave way to a filling that seemed to be a mix of fruit jam and pork fat. I actually found some tiny pieces of minced fat mixed in with the jam, and the whole thing had a slightly bacon-y flavor that worked well with the sweetness. I ate two of them quickly and saved the third one for the GF, since I knew she'd be let down if she didn't get to try something this tasty. Really good stuff, and I've never seen these anywhere else.

I'm glad I'm experiencing some great new things during these last two weeks. I need to really make the last days count, right?

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