Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 357

SeaKid Mixed Crispy Pusit & Dilis: Ok, so I know I said that yesterday's post was my last Asian snack, but I had forgotten about having today's new food left in my stockpile. I found these "pusit & dilis" (mixed crispy fried squid and anchovy) in the Buford Highway Farmers Market as a Filipino import during my last visit. Considering my love of salty, dried fish, I felt like I had to have these. Apparently these were teriyaki style, which made them all the more appealing.
I sort of knew what I was going to experience here before I even tried them, but I'd never had squid prepared this way. The ingredients included dried squid, dried anchovy, sugar, coconut oil, and spices. Since I'd already eaten dinner tonight, I decided to try them as dessert. Hey, sugar was the third ingredient, so I felt alright about counting it as dessert.
Once I opened the bag, I was immediately hit with a strong fishy smell. No surprise, considering what was in the bag. They luckily tasted much better than they smelled - each piece was super crunchy, almost like a potato chip, and the sweetness of the teriyaki was a good pair for the saltiness of the anchovies and squid. The anchovies were fried whole, but the squid appeared to be sliced into small pieces. Due to the greasiness, it wasn't something I could eat much of, but it was tasty just the same.

Check back tomorrow night for something truly unusual - I have a great dinner planned.

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