Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 358

Lamb Fries: It's not that often that I experience a truly brand new food, but tonight's entry definitely fits that category. Me and the GF went to Holeman and Finch for my birthday dinner, and anyone that's truly into food in Atlanta should know it by heart. Their menu is, in my opinion, the most creative in town, and I could probably fulfill a month's worth of blog entries just from going to H&F alone. This was my third visit there, and our meal was just as good this time as the others.

In terms of something new, I knew exactly what I wanted to try before I even got there: lamb fries. No, not "fries" in the traditional sense. If you've only thought "fries" described french fried potatoes, you're wrong - the word can also mean testicles. I'd seen the dish on the menu during my other visits, but it's definitely hard to narrow down choices there when everything sounds so good. However, I wasn't going to let them slip by me tonight.
H&F's version of "fries" was made schnitzel-style (breaded, then fried) from thinly sliced lamb testicles, served with fresh blueberries and a vanilla-whiskey syrup. I don't know anyone personally that's tried this dish anywhere, so I really had no idea what to expect when our server brought the dish. Once he brought it to the table, it didn't look as intimidating as I expected. The fries almost looked like little pancakes, and the whole dish was dressed with blueberries, syrup, and a bit of parsley and onion.

I was a little scared before I took the first bite, but that subsided quickly. The texture reminded me of liver, but firmer and springier. The flavor was also similar to liver, but much milder. Once the breading and other ingredients were factored in, it was easy to forget what I was actually eating. I doubt that "fries" have a lot of flavor on their own, so the addition of the other elements was probably needed. They were definitely tasty, so I wouldn't be opposed to trying them again.

I'm so glad I finally got to try these - what a great birthday present!

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