Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 170

Ouro Branco (Brazilian Candy): Today's entry for Brazilian week is fortunately on the sweet side. The foods I've covered so far from my trip to Minas Emporium have all been savory, so I was excited to find out what this piece of Brazilian candy was all about. When I was paying for all my purchases on the way out, I noticed quite a few varieties of candy/sweets near the register. They were all pre-packaged and sold individually, so I grabbed some to take home. A couple of round, shiny pieces caught my eye, and I decided to try one of them today. First up: "Ouro Branco."
Before I unwrapped it, I wasn't at all sure what to expect. Chocolate? Fruity? Both? After removing the shiny cellophane wrapping, I was left with a small, round chunk of what looked like white chocolate, about as big as a golf ball. I cut it in half, and it seemed to consist of a center of milk chocolate covered by a layer of crunchy wafer and then the white chocolate coating. How could that be bad? I took a bite, and it instantly reminded me of the Ferrero Rocher candies that are common in most grocery stores. I really love those, so I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The wafer gave it a nice crunch, and the creamy chocolate center also had a noticeable crunch as well - maybe there were some peanuts in there?
These were a great find, and I may have to get a whole bag of them next time I go back to Minas Emporium. Incidentally, Ouro Branco are made by a Brazilian company called Lacta, which is actually owned by Kraft.


  1. Thank you so much. I recently had a guest give me one of these as they were leaving and I had no idea what it was and decided to google it. This was very helpful and they are really delicious!

  2. Just came upon your page my aunt goes to Brazil and brought me back the red n gold ones I just tried them n i love them lol byeee lisa sivits from boston