Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 182

Totis "Donitas" Fried Flour Chips: Today's blog entry marks a milestone for me, and if you guys don't mind, I'm gonna pat myself on the back for second. As of today, I'm officially halfway through this experiment. I try to not think too much about the time line for this endeavor, but it's hard to ignore the fact that it's halfway over. I really wasn't sure what was going to happen once I started, and I'm not gonna lie - some days it's been a huge annoyance. But overall, I've eaten a lot of really great stuff and learned more about food than I ever thought I would. Let's hope the next 182 days are just as productive.

Anyway, today's new food is a bagged snack I found during my last visit to the BHFM. It sort of confused me at first - it looked like a Hispanic product (lots of Spanish on the bag), but was located in the Jamaican aisle. The bag described these "Donitas" as "fried flour chips with chili and artificial lime flavor." Mmm, artificial lime flavor. Plus, the Trix Rabbit knock-off on the front of the bag had me even more confused. Based on the word "fried," I figured it couldnt hurt to try these.
I decided to try these as a pre-dinner snack tonight, so I opened the bag and grabbed a handful of the tiny ringlets. I popped a few in my mouth, and they immediately reminded me of the fried dough taste I've experienced a million times at state fairs and such. After a few chews, they melted quickly in my mouth, almost like they were never there. However, they were pretty tasty, and I managed to put away several handfuls before stopping. The chile/lime flavoring was spicy but not overbearing, and it managed to leave an orange coating on my fingers reminiscent of Cheeto dust. Nice.
If you're in the market for a interesting potato chip alternative, check these out if you're in the BHFM or any similar markets. I'm still confused about the rabbit, though.

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