Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 194

Pixie Tangerine: Much to my surprise, I actually had a decent haul of new foods from Whole Foods on Ponce a couple days ago. Even though their produce is always high-quality and fresh, I don't usually find too much out of the ordinary there. My readers probably know how much I like discovering new fruits, so when I saw these little "pixie" tangerines, I had to try. I haven't had a regular tangerine in years, so I wondered what these were all about. I'm rarely disappointed with citrus, so how could it be bad?
Since this specimen was tiny (smaller than a tennis ball), I decided to try it as a afternoon snack. The skin was much like any other tangerine or orange, so instead of peeling, I cut it in half before segmenting. Inside, it looked like your standard citrus fruit - nothing new. Taste-wise, it wasn't really any different from a normal tangerine. It had the same juicy sweetness, with a bit of tart in the finish. Good, but no new flavors for me.
I could see buying a few of these if I didn't want to chance wasting full-size oranges or tangerines. I'm guilty of buying fruit in bulk with good intentions, then letting it spoil in the fridge as I eat pulled pork, fried chicken or other unhealthy stuff instead. I'm certain I'm not the only one with this problem, so check these out if you want a bite-sized burst of fruitiness.

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