Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 193

"Crispy-Green" Crispy Asian Pears: Today's post is another find from yesterday's trip to Whole Foods on Ponce. Like I said, I don't do a lot of shopping there, largely due to the prices. However, I did manage to find quite a few things there that surprised me, and luckily I didn't spend much money at all (hello, free samples). As I was looking through the dried foods section, I noticed a display of dried fruits that were on sale. Usually, the words "on sale" have to be taken liberally at WF, but these little bags of fruit made by Crispy-Green were only $0.89. That's practically free for WF, and since I'd never tried freeze-dried pear before, I threw a bag into my basket.
I decided to try these today as an addition to my lunch, since I didn't have any real dessert stuff on hand. I've only had freeze-dried fruit when it's been added to cereal, like those strawberries found in Special K. I like Asian pear by itself, so I was looking forward to finding out what these freeze-dried pieces were all about. According to the bag, the contents were equivalent to one whole pear, which didn't seem possible given the size of the bag. Oh well, on to the eating.

I opened the bag and dumped a few pieces into my hand. First of all, I really don't see how the bag contained a whole pear - there was hardly anything in it. I know freeze-drying shrinks things, but wow. Anyway, the dried chips actually tasted good, but dissolved in my mouth almost as soon as I started chewing. They were mildly sweet and really crunchy, but I only detected a small amount of pear taste. After a few bites, the bag was empty. Even at $0.89, the price still seemed too high for so little food.
Whole Foods also had these made with dried apples and bananas, but honestly, they weren't worth the price. My sister recently got a food dehydrator and makes this stuff herself, which I'd imagine is a much more economical way to enjoy dried fruit.

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