Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 179

Fragrant Pear: As my readers know by now, I always love finding new fruits to try. Aside from usually being tasty, they're also an economical way to experience something new. People frequently ask me if I do all my new food finding in restaurants, and while that sounds fun, it would probably leave me broke. Besides, who wants to eat out every single day for 365 days straight? As much as I love good restaurants, I really enjoy eating at home.

Anyway, when I was doing some shopping at the BHFM yesterday, I noticed these "fragrant pears" in the produce section. I'd heard of them before, and all I knew was that they were of Asian descent. I've eaten several varieties of pear during the course of this blog, with varying results. Overall, I like pears a lot, so I decided to give this one a try.
Visually, this "fragrant" variety didn't look much different than many others I've eaten. It was a bit smaller than my fist in size, and had a slightly bumpy, bright green skin. It felt extremely firm, so I expected it to be crunchy. OK, on to the eating. I cut a small piece off and took a bite, and my suspicions about the crunchiness were right - it was probably one of the juiciest, crunchiest pears I've ever tried. Unfortunately, I didn't find it to be that flavorful. This one was mostly sweet, with no tartness that I could detect. I prefer a lot more tartness with my fruit selections, and this just didn't have it. Regardless, the ultra-crunchy texture was enough for me to enjoy, and I could see this being a great addition to a fruit salad for that reason alone. On its own, it was just alright.
Oh, and I really didn't pick up on the "fragrant" element. Maybe I missed something, but even after sniffing a few times, I didn't get it. According to online sources, it's supposed to have a floral scent. Hmm.

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