Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 190

Chang Gu Honey Dipped Snack: Today marks a return to the ubiquitous bagged Asian snacks that I was so fond of writing about a few months ago. Not by choice, mind you - I've had a busy and somewhat stressful past few days (long story), and I haven't had time to do any shopping. I wasn't up for doing any searching tonight, and my only other options besides this was something called "scrapple." That may be tomorrow's new food, but for today, I bring you "Chang Gu."
I actually bought this a few months ago at either the BHFM or Super H, but I cant remember which one. Not important - all that matters is what it tastes like, right? I've had fairly positive results with most of the Asian snacks, and this one claimed to be a honey-dipped snack, "original since 1973." I like keeping stuff like this on hand in case I don't get to shop, and tonight I was super-glad I kept it.
Based on the description, I assumed this would be a crunchy chip-like snack, and most likely sweet. I opened the bag and tried a few, and I was immediately reminded of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I let the GF try one, and she thought they tasted like sweet Bugles, which was pretty accurate. Each tiny piece had a lightly sweet, cinnamon-flavored coating, but strangely, I couldn't find honey listed on the ingredients list (as promised on the front). Overall, it wasn't much different from a lot of American snacks, but still good.

Oh, and the kid on the front of the bag is kinda disturbing. He either has extremely rosy cheeks, or bruises - not sure which.

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