Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 204

Lamb Samosa: Due to my car being in the shop for an all-day repair, I found myself ride-less and lacking any new food to try today. Luckily, the GF was able to make time in her schedule this afternoon to take me shopping. Since I didn't feel like going far, we decided to hit Your Dekalb Farmers Market. I just did some shopping there over the weekend, but it's a convenient option when I don't feel like trekking to Buford Highway or investing in a restaurant meal. Plus, I knew their hot bar would have some options, since they refresh the menu daily.

On my last trip to their hot bar, I noticed that they were selling fresh samosas towards the end of the line. I've heard of samosas a million times, but never tried one. Since I wasn't finding much else interesting, I decided to take one home. They offered several different fillings (ground beef, vegetable, lentil), but I opted for the version filled with ground lamb. Appearance-wise, it reminded me of an empanada, and I was excited to get it home to try. They also had something called "samosa sauce" next to the display, so I grabbed a little to-go cup of that.
After plating and cutting into it, I saw that it was filled with a generous portion of seasoned ground lamb, mixed with some small flecks of onion. The sauce was light brown and not too thick, so I drizzled a bit of it on the samosa and took a bite. It was really tasty - the pastry exterior was crispy and obviously deep-fried, and it reminded me of a wonton or egg roll wrapper. The ground lamb was a bit spicy, and the "samosa sauce" was a sweet and sour combination with a noticeable curry flavor. I could have easily eaten another if I'd had one, and I'll definitely grab another one of these as a snack next time I hit YDFM.
If you like empanadas, pierogis, or any other savory stuffed pastry, give samosas a try. Apparently they're popular throughout the world under various names, and they're usually served with chutney or other dipping sauces. Speaking of the sauce, what I had is apparently a mix of tamarind paste, water, brown sugar, and various spices.

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