Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 212

Gedesa (Yellow Plum): First off, I know I've been promising to do some more adventurous shopping this week. It's gonna happen (I promise), but due to events beyond my control, yesterday and today just weren't convenient for searching. I didn't have anything to blog about for today at all, so I made a desperate run to the Edgewood Kroger in hopes of finding something. Like I've said before, it's getting nearly impossible for me to find new foods at conventional grocery stores, so I didn't expect to find much.

I decided to hit the produce section, since the rotating stock sometimes yields new things. I didn't see anything at first, but after a few minutes of scrounging, I saw a small, yellow, plum-shaped fruit that caught my eye. As usual with Kroger, I couldn't find a label or price, but the small sticker on the fruit said "Gedesa Chile." I had no idea what that was, but I knew I'd never tried one of these before. Into the basket it went.
After knocking out a quick dinner tonight, I gave this "gedesa" a try for dessert. I first tried to cut it in half, and didn't succeed - there was a small pit in the middle. I didn't know it was going to be a stone fruit, but I sure knew after that. I cut a small slice off the side, then took a bite. It had the texture of a plum, with a soft, thin skin and a slightly firm, juicy flesh. It wasn't as sweet as a dark plum, and the skin had a faintly bitter aftertaste. Not bad, but I doubt I'd buy these again - I prefer plums that are darker and sweeter. This one didn't have nearly as much flavor as those varieties.
As it turns out, a "gedesa" is just another word for yellow plum. I really couldn't find much info about these online, and I assume the one I had was grown in Chile. If anyone knows more about these, please don't hesitate to fill me in.


  1. I picked some up at my market last week too... You are right, there isn't a lot of info on these, but I'm going w/ plum.

    What a great blog you have! Glad I googled "gedesa plum" and found you! :-)

  2. Thanks a lot. It isn't an easy project, but it's been fun. Glad you found me!

    1. yes thanx Chris!
      While I'm interested in the unusual as well..it is not for necessarily trying new foods to eat every day. I have an adventure of trying to grow nearly every new thing that I see that is not a typical garden item. this has been extremely fun and rewarding as a hobby. Thank you for your likely accurate id of this item. I found myself in the same situation..as this is interesting but what the hell is it?? Typical Kroger labelling mystery(ha!) I've found this to be true as well. BTW tamarin seeds make awesome bonsai trees!!! Cool idea and keep challinging yourself for the different foods.. We Americans don't have access to many of the amazing flavors of foods from the rain forest..just a clue!!!

  3. Sounds like you have an interesting project going as well - good luck! I'm still eating and writing about new foods, but not every day. Visit www.whoeatsthatstuff.com for the most recent posts.

  4. I bought one of these at Tops yesterday. The sign said when the fruit turns red it is ripe and ready to eat.

  5. I know this is late to chime in, but I ram across your blog as I was looking up information on Gedesa for a business project - I import fruit). You bought a yellow plum from Chile, and the company that exported the fruit is Gedesa (a good company from what I understand.) Yellow plums aren't all that common, but they *are* grown in the States too. Since you just got one, I don't know if you got a good one or not... and a lot depends on how fresh the fruit was (plums get mealy as they get old). Since you are interested in different tastes (I love experimenting too!) try eating a different plum, peach or nectarine every 2 weeks. Most varieties are harvested and done every 2 weeks, so you'll get a different one each time. There is a wide difference in flavors among them all. Some are good and some are (sadly) awful. Oh and with nectarines - if you see what looks kind of like freckles - it is a good sign it is sweet - in the industry we call them "sugar spots!"

  6. Excellent - thanks for the advice.

  7. I bought some Gedesa plums recently at Safeway. They were unremarkable tasting when yellow, but gradually they turned orange and then a reddish orange. At this point they are softer but not mushy at all, in fact they are juicy and sweet and delightful! I went back and bought more. I don't notice any pear texture in the flesh, but they do resemble pears. You may want to give them a second chance.

  8. I went to tops today and I happen to run into these wasn't sure what it was at first I thought it was yellow Plum which I love because they are so sweet then I seen it looked a little different and A little tag on it said Gedesa which I have never heard of and that it is from Chile.then I decided to google to see what it was...now I notice on my store receipt that it says it's a "Lemon Plum" and some tips on this sight was also helpful mine are sort of a dark yellow turning orangish red so I will wait a couple of days for them to ripen more, as I like my fruit sweet and not to much on the " Lemon" thing...if they Re even half as good as the yellow plums that will be great....