Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 216

Soursop Candy (Keo Me): OK, so this one was a bit confusing. I found this new food during my visit to Lee's Bakery a few days ago, and based on the pictures on the label, I assumed it would be some sort of tamarind-flavored candy. I'd never heard of soursop, but since the label featured what I swore was tamarind, I expected it to taste like that. After doing some research, I discovered that I was partially wrong.
I finally cracked these candies open today, and I was excited about figuring out exactly what they were. The word "candy" wasn't exactly descriptive, so as I opened the lid, I wasn't sure what I was going to find. At first glance, the contents reminded me of dog food - not an appetizing visual, I know.
The little pieces were clumped together and super-sticky, so I dislodged a couple of chunks and popped them in my mouth. The flavor was fruity (kind of like a mix of tamarind/strawberry) and sour, and the outside was coated in granulated sugar, which helped with the sourness. The texture was exactly like a gumdrop or gummi bear, but didn't taste like any gumdrop I've ever had. Pretty good, but I can't picture buying them again after I finish these. I'm not that big on fruity candy, but I'm glad I gave these a shot.

So, what's a soursop, you ask? It's a small, spiky green fruit that's popular in a lot of Asian cuisines, and it's used in a wide variety of dishes. I still don't understand why tamarind was pictured on the label, since none of the pictures of soursop I found looked anything like tamarind. Maybe the manufacturer screwed up? They tasted a bit like tamarind, but the only ingredients were soursop, starch, sugar and salt. Strange.


  1. Where did you buy this candy? And, do you know where I could buy some? It looks good, I heard it tastes like an extremely sour apple! :)

  2. I bought these at Lee's Bakery in Atlanta, but I'm not sure if they still have them.