Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 207

Piñata Apple: Today's new food is another find from this week's visit to Your Dekalb Farmer's Market. While their selection isn't the best in town for my project, it's been a great place for me to find new foods in a pinch, which was definitely the case the last time I went. I really love their produce section in particular - they always have fresh stuff in stock, and usually at a much cheaper price point that any of the big-box grocery stores.

While looking through the selections of fruit, I noticed a few different kinds of apples that I'd never tried, one of which ended up being today's new food. I know apples may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but they're tasty, and the different hybrids usually end up tasting different from type to type. When I spotted this hybrid called "pinata" (yes, just like the thing kids beat with a stick, blindfolded), I decided to give it a shot. I like red-skinned apples much better than their green counterparts, and this one with it's bright red/pink skin looked good to me.
After cutting into it this afternoon, I noticed that the inside looked like any other red apple I've tried. And after taking my first bite, I was quick to conclude that the flavor was pretty much like many other apples, especially Golden Delicious. Crisp, juicy and tart, but unfortunately, nothing new for me. If you like tart, mildly sweet red apples, give this one a shot if you see it.
According to Wikipedia, Piñata apples are actually a cross between a Golden Delicious, Cox's Orange Pippin and a Duchess of Oldenburg (both of which I've never heard of). It's also commonly referred to as a Pinova, Sonata or Corail apple. "Pinata" is way more festive, though, right?

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