Monday, August 16, 2010

"Dae" 1

After some late-night doubts about this endeavor, I decided to go ahead and stick to the original plan. One new food a day, for 365 days. Can I do this? We'll see. And the first entry is pretty special.

Soon Dae: This is a Korean sausage I picked up yesterday at the Buford Highway Farmer's Market. I've noticed this oddity on past trips, but never got around to trying. And I'm really glad I did. It's similar in a lot of respects to the boudin noir (blood sausage) I had last year, but different in a lot of ways. The ingredients listed are "beef casing, beef blood, garlic, salt, ginger, black pepper, msg." You could say it's more of an Asian twist on boudin noir. After taking my first bite, I also noticed an ingredient strangely not listed - glass noodles, which I assume are used as a filler. It also came with a little cup of chili seat salt, which really brought out the flavor. It was a lot milder than most sausages I've had, a lot less savory than the boudin, and super tasty. I know a lot of people are weirded out by the use of blood as an ingredient, but if you can get over that, this is some killer stuff. Highly recommend.


  1. This picture reminds me of a song we wrote that one time.

  2. Haha, nice. You aren't the first to make that reference! Luckily, it tasted much better than it looked.

  3. Guess I gotta go try it...sounds better than it looks with most asian food lol