Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 10

Guava: I'm quickly realizing that there are a lot of fruits I've never had. After a visit to the Dekalb Farmer's Market this week, this became clear to me. If you've never been there, go - lots of good stuff to be found. After perusing the produce section, I brought home a few things I've heard of a million times, but never tried in their pure form. Today's choice: guava.

The guava looks kind of like a bumpy, oversize pear. I had no idea how to eat it, so I cut off some slices and tried. The consistency reminded me of a pear, with a thin skin and firm flesh, but not nearly as sweet or juicy. I didn't find it to have much flavor at all, but I did notice a sort of grassy aftertaste. I also mistakenly took a bite of a piece that had seeds in it, and I'm lucky I didn't crack a tooth - they were really hard. I ate a few more pieces (after making sure I scooped the seeds out), but honestly wasn't that into it. I later read online that guava is often eaten with a dipping sauce or in a fruit salad, which makes sense. Maybe mine wasn't as ripe as it should have been, but I'd probably prefer it mixed with something else. Still, I'm glad I tried!

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  1. Try guava mixed in a juice..I think it is better..

  2. Man, you really need to go to any of the Super H marts and/or Buford Highway Farmer's Market. They are *much* cheaper than YDFM and the perishables are MUCH fresher. I can walk through those places and still find items that I have never had and I was a chef for 15 years! I love the fact that they both sample in their produce sections (especially BHFM). I've had fruit that I would have never even thought to try because usually it's too big (jackfruit I am talkin' to YOU!) but they were breaking it down there and sampling it out one day and I found out that it's fantastic! I bought a big chunk, they showed me how to dig out the fruit bits and I had a great time with a new fruit. BHFM also samples many different dumplings, soups, tortillias that are just freshly made. Heck, you can make a light lunch at either Super H or BHFM. Super H in Doraville also has a really nice lunch stall area where you can get home made Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese food. We always stop there when we shop. Try it and let me know what you think. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm a huge fan of BHFM, and I do prefer it to YDFM, but YDFM is a bit closer to me, so I went there last week instead. I also need to hit Super H again, haven't been since the one in Doraville first opened a few years ago.

  4. I'm not sure the guava you bought was ripe! The fruit can be sweet or sour depending on the variety. You can find it canned in the Latin section of most grocery stores. You can also find it in a paste form (similar to the consistency of tamarind paste). The paste is usually used as a filling in Latin pastries or other confections. Sadly, I haven't found the pastries here in Atlanta, but if you ever take a trip to the Miami area have a Cuban pastelito con guava y queso (a pastry with guava and cream cheese filling). It will rock your world!