Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 6

Unidentifiable Eastern European Candy: If I told you where I was writing this post from, you wouldn't believe me. Let's just say my job as a musician requires me to be creative when it comes to finding time to update on my food finds. Anyway, today's oddity is another item I found at the Bu-Hi market last week. I'm quickly running out of the things I bought there, so more scavenging will happen soon. I love this market's Eastern European section, and have found many great things while browsing its shelves. And I'm a sucker for anything who's contents I cannot identify based on reading the package.

I figured that whatever was in this package would definitely be candy, and I was right. The only English writing on the bag just said "sea stones with raisin." Umm, ok. I'm in. Based on the picture on the front, I assumed these would be like M&M's, but with a raisin in the middle. Wrong. I bit into the first one, and immediately recognized the flavor: raisin covered in jelly bean coating. I wish it had been the M&M-like option, because these really aren't that great. I'm not a big jelly bean fan to begin with, and these things are super sweet when combined with the raisin. These definitely won't be finished by me, so maybe my bandmates will eat them. Oh well, at least they were only $0.49.

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