Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 7

Rabbit Liver Mousse: Wow, my first week is already done. Thanks to everyone that's followed along so far. After a weekend on the road with my band, I was ready for a good meal when I got home. I ended up going with my sister to Shaun's in Inman Park, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. I've had plenty of good meals here, and I highly recommend it. I was planning on scavenging the menu for a blog-worthy item, but I saw rabbit liver mousse listed on the blackboard as soon as I walked in - score! I'm a huge fan of mousses, terrines, pates, etc. But, to my best memory, I've never eaten any rabbit products in my life. Done.

Sorry for the grainy photo - it was getting dark in there, and this was the best my camera phone would do. Our server brought us the mousse, and it was served in a small glass jar with a side of grilled bread and a micro-green garnish. It looked much like a jar of any other liver mousse I've had, but I found the taste to be a little milder and less rich than the ones I've had made with chicken liver. Spread on the grilled bread and topped with the garnish, it was a great way to start the meal. My sis tried it, and surprisingly, really liked it. Her comment: "It tastes like steak." Not sure if I totally agree, but we finished all of it pretty quick. If you're at all curious about venturing into the world of mousses/pates, this would be a great start.

I also had a killer entree of duck breast and duck leg confit, served over a farro salad. And thanks to Scoutmob ( for the discount deal.

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