Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 13

Cucharitas (Chili Spoons): I'm apparently on a spicy kick this week, and these were a pleasant surprise that made me sweat a little less than the Chili Balls from yesterday. I picked these up in the Latin section of the Bu-Hi Farmer's Market at the beginning of this experiment, and they looked super interesting. They're basically little plastic spoons filled with what appeared to be a caramel-y looking substance. I figured they'd be a little bit sweet and hot at the same time, and despite my low tolerance for hot n' spicy, I had to investigate.

Each spoon was wrapped in plastic on the end. I unwrapped one, and scraped a bite off the end with my 2 front teeth. I was right about the caramel-like consistency, but it was thicker, grainier, and more sugary than regular caramel. Not quite as hot as I expected, but the ingredients listed "milled guajillo peppers," which provided plenty enough heat for me. I also noticed a fruity taste, which came from another ingredient - citric acid. Overall, a tasty, sticky, spicy treat that's guaranteed to rot your teeth out.

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