Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 16

Oeuf au Gratin: I've been excited since I got to Vegas a couple days ago about eating at Bouchon again. After the amazing meal I had there last time, this time I decided to try breakfast instead of dinner. I didn't expect it to be anything less than awesome, and of course, I was right. Like I said before, Thomas Keller can apparently do no wrong, and the breakfast menu lived up to every expectation. And luckily, I found something this morning that I've never tried: Oeuf au Gratin.

Oeuf au Gratin is basically a baked egg dish, with various fillings added. Almost like a casserole, but way better. It also has a mornay sauce mixed in, which is a creamy bechamel sauce with grated cheese. Bouchon changes the fillings up daily, and this one had ham, tomato and onion confit. The entire mixture is baked in a small cast iron dish, and served with brioche toast and lyonnaise potatoes on the side. I took a bite, and it reminded me a bit of quiche, but not as dense. The egg mixture wasn't cooked as thoroughly as quiche, and the mornay sauce left a cheesy, runny liquid on the bottom that was super tasty when sopped up with the toasted brioche. I'm a huge fan of poached, runny egg yolk, and I was thrilled to find some in the middle of the dish. Combined with the crunchy, cheesy top layer, it was an awesome combination of tastes. The potatoes were perfect as well, of course - thinly sliced and cooked in a little oil with onion.

Another perfect meal at Bouchon. I can't wait to come back again.

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