Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 8

Cheese Blintzes: One thing I'm quickly learning from this experiment is that normal, everyday grocery stores make it pretty hard to find something I've never tried before. After years of grocery shopping, it seems like I've eaten everything in the store, in some form or other. However, my girlfriend pointed these out today in the frozen section, and she was surprised that I'd never tried them. I never really knew what they were (dessert? side?), but I'm glad I tried.

After defrosting them a bit, I pan-fried them in a little bit of butter to brown on each side, then sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top at the GF's suggestion. I took a bite, and the exterior was a thin, crepe-style covering. The filling was a slightly sweetened blend of cottage cheese and sour cream. They weren't as greasy or heavy as I expected them to be, but really good. I'd like to try a fruit topping on these sometime, and I noticed that they were also sold with different fruit flavored fillings. As good as these frozen blintzes were, I really want to try fresh ones now.

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  1. Go to Bagel Palace and try their cheese blintzes there! Yum!

  2. Love Bagel Palace! Haven't been in awhile, but will definitely try next time.