Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3

Cooked Salted Duck Eggs: Yet another find from the Bu-Hi Farmer's Market. These looked really interesting as I was browsing near the Vietnamese aisle, and I was pretty skeptical about any egg product that wasn't refrigerated. Which, of course, made me want to try these.

The eggs were individually vacuum sealed, and at first glance, it looked/felt like a normal hard-boiled chicken egg. I've eaten those a million times, so how different could these be? Really different. The shell was much thicker than a chicken egg, and was kind of a pain in the ass to peel off. Once I cut into the soft egg, I noticed that the yolk was a bit darker than I expected. I took a bite, and was surprised. Not at all like a chicken was super salty (hence the name) and way more rich and gamy than what I'm used to. It also had a gummy texture that I'm still on the fence about, and a weird fishy aftertaste that I can't explain. I have 3 more of these to eat, so maybe they'll grow on me. However, I doubt I'll be making egg salad out of these soon.


  1. Yeah, I doubt anyone would put it in a "regular," green, leafy salad. Those are
    It goes well with congee (Chinese rice porridge) or serves well chopped in a tofu salad or a veggie sauteed dish -- that is if you acquire the taste of it.

  2. It was a bit much to handle alone, so maybe I'll try again as an addition to another dish, like you mentioned. Thanks...

  3. yeah ....don't like this parents love it though >.<