Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 140

"So Delicious" Coconut Milk Yogurt: So I finally ventured out today in search of some new foods to blog about. My stomach is finally feeling normal, but I still wasn't ready for a full-on shopping trip to Buford Highway or other exotic locales. I decided to hit Whole Foods on Ponce to see if I could find anything blog-worthy, but didn't have much luck. I'm really not a Whole Foods fan - in my opinion, it's just overpriced versions of food I can get much cheaper at many other grocery stores. If you have the lifestyle that requires gluten-free/vegan/organic/macrobiotic goods, then I guess WF is fine, but just not for me. Anyway, after much scrounging, I did manage to score a couple new things.

One thing I've learned through taking on this experiment is how many variants of common foods there are. Take yogurt, for example. I've eaten more kinds of yogurt than I knew existed, with various results. When I saw this style today at WF made with coconut milk instead of regular dairy products, I was curious. And at only $1.25 (hey, cheap for WF!), it couldn't hurt much to try.
I halfway expected the yogurt to have a coconut taste because of the name, but it didn't at all. Other than a consistency that was a bit thinner/runnier, I really couldn't taste any difference between this and regular dairy yogurt. This one was strawberry flavored (naturally, of course), and I noticed some small chunks of real strawberry blended throughout the mix. Not bad, but I can't see any reason to buy this again over plain yogurt based on taste.
If you're lactose intolerant or have a dairy/gluten free lifestyle, then this yogurt would probably be a good option for you. Other than that, there's no need to make any big effort to try it.

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  1. This is really good for people like me who don't eat dairy. My favorite flavors are the blueberry and raspberry.