Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 142

"Smiling Fish" Brand Fried Mackerels in Green Curry Sauce: So I hope my readers are glad to know that my stomach is officially better after last week's nasty sickness. I took it easy for a few days, sticking to light meals (and light new blog items), but today marks a return to the stuff I love trying. I bought these fish snacks a few weeks ago at the BHFM in the Thai section, but I haven't had the chance to try them until today. I love any canned fish product, so these looked especially interesting to me. Most canned fish items aren't mixed with sauces, but these featured a green curry/coconut milk sauce mixed with the fried mackerel. Time to try.

I pulled open the tab on the can, and the first thing I noticed was the smell - kind of like cat food. Hmm, not a good way to start, but I decided to keep going. I poured the contents into a small plastic bowl, and the appearance wasn't any better. If I'd seen this stuff last week, my vomit reflex would have kicked in instantly. Thankfully that wasn't the case this week, so I eagerly dug in. The mackerel filets didn't really taste fried, but the green curry sauce definitely had a spicy, sweet kick that wasn't too bad. The fish itself was, well, appropriately fishy, but I don't mind that sort of thing. If you like spicy green curry and/or little fried fish, check these out if you see them at the BHFM.

For my money, it's hard to beat the Eastern European brands for canned fish products, but these were good for a change of pace.

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