Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 146

Pork Tongue: Today's new food isn't actually the first strange meat product I've eaten today - I had a hot dog at Costco this afternoon. It's always funny to me how people are so resistant to offal, but they'll gladly eat hot dogs and other processed meats. At least with offal, I know what part I'm actually eating, right? Anyway, I promised my readers that I'd pick back up today with more of the pork offal that I got with the combo platter that I bought from the Super H Mart a few days ago. The pig's ear was super strange, and the liver was much better, but today it was time to try the tongue. I really like beef tongue, so I was curious to see how this differed.
Like the other offerings from the combo platter, the tongue was sliced thin and steamed before serving. Before eating, I reheated a few pieces in the microwave then sprinkled a bit of the salt/spice seasoning on it. My first bite reminded me of pork roast, but a bit chewier and tougher. The texture was a lot like beef tongue, but it definitely had a much more pork-centric taste. Really tasty, and I could have gladly finished it if I wasn't going to dinner relatively soon. If I had to compare it to one thing, I'd say it's close to roast pork, but a little bit chewier/stringier.

If you like pork at all, don't be scared to try the tongue. If it's sliced thin and seasoned, it's just as good as any other cut. Well, except maybe belly.

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