Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 151

"Primal Strips" Meatless Vegan Jerky: Today's post is a great example of the extreme improvisation I've had to go through due to the awful weather we've endured this week. I was running out of provisions at the house, and with my car still stuck in the driveway, I had no choice but to start looking on foot. Luckily I live near the Candler Park Market, so I took a walk there this afternoon and found this unusual new item. I typically despise any fake meat products - they're far stranger than any real meat product could ever be. However, I was in a bind, and this was about all they had that would fulfill the blog requirement.
This meatless jerky brand was called "Primal." Pretty funny, and I wonder what Ted Nugent would say about that. Anyway, this one was made from teriyaki-flavored dried shiitake mushrooms, not the disgusting seitan that I'd tried before with bad results. I opened the wrapper, and instantly noticed the smell of sweet teriyaki, which didn't translate as appetizing. The appearance wasn't exactly appealing, either - it had a strange molded look that's common with fake meat products. I took a bite, and it actually didn't taste as bad as it looked. It wasn't as chewy as real jerky, and the dried mushrooms provided a bit of stringiness that resembled real meat. I got down a couple bites before putting it away, but it wasn't bad. Not something I'd want to repeat, but not awful.
I'm ready for a new food that's actually tasty. This week has proved to be non-eventful in a lot of respects, but as soon as things thaw out, it's back to the good stuff.

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