Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 163

Classic "Baked Milk" Biscuits: Today's new food is a product I bought on one of my recent trips to the BHFM. I've found plenty of interesting stuff in their Eastern European section, and on my last few visits, there's been a "sale" section set up at the back of one row with some oddities that I'm guessing didn't sell that well. When I noticed these "baked milk" biscuits, I was intrigued. Eastern Euro products are often extremely hard to identify, and there usually isn't much English writing on the packaging. I figured they might be like many standard crackers or cookies, but the "baked milk" wording wouldn't let me pass them up.
I tried getting on the manufacturer's website to find out more about these "biscuits" (www.odessalux.com), but the Russian wording didn't translate well, despite Google's efforts. I opened the package, and they looked like any cookie or cracker you'd find on American shelves. However, I wasn't sure if they were going to be sweet or savory. I took a bite, and they tasted exactly like animal crackers or tea biscuits - nothing really new for me. I was hoping that the "baked milk" would result in some sort of interesting filling or new flavor, but it didn't. And I still don't know what "baked milk" is.
These were tasty and light, but nothing really special. Almost like a less sweet graham cracker, so maybe I'll put some peanut butter or Nutella on the rest of these for an easy dessert.

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