Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 147

Pork Stomach: Today's new food is the last offering from the strangely awesome combo platter of pork offal that I bought from the Doraville Super H Mart last week. So far, the stuff I've eaten from it has been good (tongue, liver) and just plain weird (ear), but today brings me to the stomach. I've eaten beef stomach before plenty of times in Vietnamese pho, but never pork. I'm glad I was feeling better this week after being sick; otherwise, there's no way I would have been up for sampling the food from this platter.
Like the other cuts from the platter, the stomach was steamed then sliced thin into strips. It had a greyish-white color to it, and it honestly didn't look too appetizing. I sprinkled a little of the salt/spice mix onto a small piece and took a bite. It was extremely chewy and rubbery, and it didn't have much flavor. Better than the ear, but it still reminded me of chewing on a piece of inner tube. I've found that I prefer offal when it's worked into a dish as an ingredient. I've eaten plenty of this type of stuff in pho with great results, and I had an amazing tripe stew at Abattoir last year. To be honest, a lot of offal doesn't taste like much on its own. Maybe some cultures enjoy this sort of thing by itself, but it's just not for me.

I'm glad I tried all the selections from this platter - the tongue/liver were definitely winners, but the ear/stomach...not so much.


  1. brave man :) My dads from south georgia. I have a cousin that makes a pork ear appetizer. She cuts the ear into strips and then marinates, batters and deep frys it.

    Eating it once every 3 years when I go down to Moultrie is about the right frequency to have this but It does taste good. Like fried pork skins.

  2. Yeah, the pig's ear would have probably been better the way you had it. Mine was only steamed, and it didn't have much flavor. The texture just wasn't appetizing for me. Thanks for the comment!