Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 144

Pork Liver: Today's new food is another offering from the combo platter of pork offal I bought yesterday at the Super H Mart in Doraville. After a truly strange experience with the pig's ear I tasted yesterday, I decided to keep it a little safer today and try the liver. I really love beef and chicken liver, so I was curious to see what pork liver was all about. I've probably had it in various pates and terrines without knowing it, but I've never had it in its unadulterated form.
The liver had been previously steamed (like the other offerings in the platter), then sliced thinly into small servings. It had a dark brown appearance like other liver I've had, and the taste was rich, spongy and gamy - pretty close to chicken or beef liver. If you've never had liver, it's a difficult taste to describe. It has a quality all its own, unlike any other part of the animal it comes from. Some people love it, and I actually prefer it fried to steamed or sauteed. However, this was actually pretty tasty, and the salt/spice dip included only added to the strong flavor. Not something I could eat a huge portion of, but in small doses it can be great.

Coming up next...stomach and tongue. Oh yeah.


  1. Definitely looking forward to what your thoughts are about the fam cooks it up by the pot full and its gone 2 hrs later ^_^

  2. Tongue post is coming tomorrow - was gonna try tonight, but ended up going out for dinner. Stay tuned, thanks!