Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 149

Papaya Cake: After being stranded at the GF's house for the last couple days because of the icy roads, I was running out of options for new food pretty quick. I managed to improvise last night with the tri-tip steak, but the rest of my food stash was back at my house. Despite the treacherous sidewalks, I managed to walk all the way back to my house this afternoon - luckily, we don't live too far away from each other. While my dinner consisted of some Trader Joe's frozen goods, my dessert was something tasty that was brand new to me.
I scored this package of "papaya cake" during my trip to the Super H Mart last week, and while it may seem fairly normal compared to the tripe-fest of the past few days, it was definitely worth trying. These came from the snack section of the market, which has always been great for finding new, interesting foods. The cakes were packaged in a clear plastic container, and from the outside, they looked a lot like Fig Newtons. I doubted they would taste like them, but it was my job to find out.
I opened the package and took a bite of one, and the outer shell (made from wheat flour) actually did taste a lot like a Fig Newton. The filling was made from what the ingredient list called a "papaya paste," and it had sort of a gooey, gummy texture that tasted more like peach than papaya. Not fresh peach, but more like the artificial peach flavor you find in a lot of candies. I really liked these - they were almost like a more fruity-tasting, peachy Fig Newton. Good stuff, and not a bad option for a light dessert.

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