Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 164

Satsuma Orange: By now, I'm sure my readers know that I love discovering new produce, especially fruits. The variations sometimes seem endless, even though it might appear that I've eaten everything under the sun already. On my last trip to the BHFM a couple days ago, I noticed that they were demoing a couple different types of fruit. While I've tried quite a few varieties of orange, I'd never heard of these Satsumas. They looked to be a bit smaller than a Valencia, almost like a Mandarin in size. I love oranges, so I snapped a couple quick pics (since their lighting was good) and put one in my basket.
When I cut one open tonight at home, it looked like any other orange on the inside, with the same segmenting seen in lots of varieties. I peeled it and broke it into a few segments, then took a bite of one. It reminded me a lot of Mandarin orange - sweet, but not quite as sweet as a Valencia or navel, and little more sour. I couldn't really tell a difference at all between the Satsuma and mandarin, to be honest. It was really juicy and good, but it didn't really offer any new flavors for me. I'd definitely eat it again, though - it's hard to resist good citrus fruit.

According to Wikipedia, the Satsuma is a relative of the Mandarin that's often referred to as "seedless Mandarin." It comes from Japanese origin and was brought to the U.S. during the 18th century. They apparently grow regularly in Florida as well as a few other states. Interesting.


  1. Hi Chris - I saw your info in the AJC and thought I would offer some suggestions for your sojurn. I don't know everything that you have eaten yet, but have you ever had Xylitol, Stevia or Lo Han Guo? These are all natural sweeteners so at least they would taste good.

    I could even make some bread made with coconut flour for you to try using them. Would that count as multiple things? If you want to go to my website listed below, you might find some neat additions to your repertoire.

    Let me know if you would like for me to make something for you. I wouldn't mind as long as you put my info about it in your blog. Check out Good luck with your endeavor!

  2. Thanks so much for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed! I'll definitely check out your blog, and I'll keep you posted about the bread. Despite how far I've come, I'm only about half done with my project, so new food options are always welcome.