Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 139

Cho Chung U-Gua Rice Snack: So I'm on day 3 of my stomach virus, and while it's getting a bit easier to eat real food, it's still been a bit unpleasant. I'm not about to let a little sickness derail me from completing my goal, but I have been playing it a bit safe when it comes to choosing new foods. Since I haven't felt up to shopping, I've been choosing new foods that I've stockpiled from past shopping trips, which obviously consists of non-perishable stuff. Today's entry is yet another Korean rice snack that I found at the BHFM. If you've followed the blog, you know I've tried several of these with varying results. Let's see what these are all about.

Based on the picture on the bag, the snack looked like some sort of baked chip-like thing with a sweet coating. Upon opening, the contents looked like oversized french fries with a shiny sesame coating. I bit into one, and the taste was indeed sweet, almost like a corn syrupy glaze. The texture of the puffed rice was really crunchy, and it was pretty easy to eat several of these despite my ailing stomach. Overall, it reminded me of a sesame/syrup coated Funyun, but sweet and not salty. Not too bad.

I promise to get back to the really creative and interesting stuff as soon as I can, but for now, the milder foods will have to do. Let's hope my stomach is back to normal ASAP.

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