Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 160

"Pepecuate" Japanese Style Peanuts: I wasn't quite sure what to make of today's new food when I saw it in the BHFM last weekend. Japanese peanuts, but in the Hispanic/Latin section? Umm, OK. After pondering the strangeness of that inclusion, I decided to buy a bag of these. I like peanuts in general, so I figured they couldn't be too bad.
The ingredients on the back of the tiny bag read "peanuts, wheat flour, iodized salt, sugar and soy." I'm guessing the addition of soy makes these Japanese style? Anyway, after opening the bag and trying a few, there wasn't much to report. They tasted like dry roasted peanuts, but with a slightly sweet/salty glaze. They definitely had a bit more crunch due to the glaze, but I couldn't detect much soy flavor at all. Oh well. They weren't too bad for mindless snacking, but these didn't offer anything new for me.
I tried to research these online, but couldn't find much info other than that they're a "Mexican snack." I'd still like to know how the Japanese element got thrown in.

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