Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 138

"Tokyo Teriyaki Tokuyou" Seaweed Snack: I must admit, doing this blog while having a stomach virus is quite difficult. I love food, but it's hard to get excited about trying anything new when you're worried about anything you eat coming right back up. I'm feeling much better today, but the stomach is still pretty sensitive. With that in mind, I was glad that I had a couple new foods stashed as backups from past shopping trips. Today definitely wasn't the day for any fish or meat products, so I decided to open this jar of dried seaweed snacks I bought at the BHFM awhile back.

Upon first glance, these looked like tiny rectangular sheets of dried nori, the kind used with sushi. I was curious to see if they tasted any different than that, and surprise - they really didn't. I did notice a hint of sweet teriyaki flavor (as specified in the name), but no other real difference from dried nori. The label also branded these as "hot," but I didn't detect any heat at all. Eating dried seaweed sort of reminds me of chewing on parchment paper, but it wasn't bad at all for snacking purposes. I had a couple pieces before giving up - don't want to chance upsetting the stomach today.

If you like the seaweed element of sushi rolls, I highly recommend trying these.

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