Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 108

Pepino Melon: Today's post is another new fruit I found at YDFM during yesterday's shopping trip. Interestingly, I'd seen this unique variety of melon at Kroger a few weeks ago, but was shocked to learn that they were charging $5 apiece for them. That's way too expensive for me, but I managed to score this one for $1 at YDFM. Not quite sure how to explain that price difference, but anyway...on to the eating.
I wasn't at all sure what this melon would taste like, but the colors on its skin looked vibrant and appealing. The entire thing wasn't much smaller than my fist, and it had a firm texture that reminded me of an under-ripe tomato. I sliced it in half, and the interior color was almost the same as the exterior, almost like a mango. After peeling the skin off (which I read was slightly bitter), I cut a small piece and took a bite. Honestly, it tasted just like cantaloupe, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I'm not a fan of cantaloupe or honeydew - in my opinion, they're tasteless "filler fruits" that I avoid when possible. I later read on Wikipedia that the pepino actually isn't a melon at all, but the fruit from the "pepino dulce" plant.

I really hoped this one would be tasty, but I was wrong. If you feel like you must try a pepino, stay away from the expensive ones and find a cheap one like I did.

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