Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 118

Dilpasand: I usually don't do blog posts this early in the morning, but I'm getting ready to head out of town for a gig in North Carolina, and I wanted to go ahead and knock out my daily update before the weekend gets really busy. Luckily, I had a couple pieces of Indian candy left from my trip to Taj Mahal Imports earlier in the week. Eating sweets with breakfast isn't a bad way to start the day, right?

I should mention that I had a really difficult time locating any info about this item. From what I can tell, "dilpasand" refers to quite a few different dishes, but that's what this one was labeled as at the store. If anyone has any additional info about it, please feel free to let me know and/or correct me.
The candy actually looks and sounds much like the "manpasand" candy I tried a few days ago. I was really surprised at how good these Indian candies are, and I figured that this one would be just as tasty. I was right - this one was good, and almost identical to the manpasand I tried before. The top and bottom layers had the same sweet, nougat-y consistency, but the interior was a bit different. The ingredients listed something called "tutti-frutti," which I believe is a mix or compote of dried fruits. It also listed almonds, sugar, cashews and saffron.

The only difference I could taste was a little less moisture in the filling than the manpasand. It reminded me of a drier Fig Newton filling - that's the closest thing I can compare it to. It was good, but I definitely preferred the manpasand to this.

I'm really glad I tried these Indian sweets this week. If your only notion of dessert is something chocolate-y and rich, then they could be a whole new experience for you.

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