Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 116

Dal Paratha: As if you couldn't already tell, this has been my "Indian Week" for the blog. I had a great shopping trip a couple days ago at Taj Mahal Imports, and I'm really enjoying all the new foods that I found there. My past couple posts have all been candy/sweets related, so today I'm making things a bit more savory. I spotted these "dal parathas" in the frozen section of the market, and they looked interesting to me. I love anything in pancake form, especially when they're filled with something, so I had to try these.

One thing I'm discovering about Indian cuisine is that, well, I know almost nothing about it. My only experience with Indian food prior to the last couple weeks was a really bad Indian buffet restaurant in SC where I used to live. I'm glad that ATL has several outlets for me to start trying it, and I'm finally starting to learn some of the basic foods and terminology.

Anyway, back to the dal paratha. "Dal" refers to lentil, and I've seen this ingredient show up in more than one of the Indian foods I've tried. Basically, this dish consists of a wheat-flour based pancake (paratha) stuffed with a curried lentil filling. This frozen version simply required heating in a pan for a few minutes on both sides, and the results were pretty tasty. Think of a thin, buttery, chewy pancake with a spicy, curried lentil interior. Really good, but not exactly light eating - one is all I could handle.

I really hope I get to try some of these Indian classics in an actual restaurant soon - doing so is definitely on my agenda for the near future.

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