Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 135

Spartak Chocolate Bar: Today's blog entry is another new Russian food I found at the BHFM last week. I haven't been in much of an eating mood since my holiday binge, so I thought trying this small candy bar would be the best idea for tonight. I've really enjoyed most of the Russian/Eastern European candy I've tried - some of it has been pretty close to American candy. I'm not exactly sure what this one is called; as usual, there wasn't much English on the wrapper, which is common with Russian products.

The ingredients listed (in English, thankfully) included chocolate, sugar, butter, condensed milk, and blackcurrant jam. It sounded like a standard candy bar, but sometimes ingredients can be deceiving, especially in terms of texture. I opened the wrapper and broke the bar in half, and it looked like some sort of marshmallowy filling surrounded by a thin chocolate shell.  Upon trying, there weren't many surprises with the flavors - it tasted like light, airy marshmallow surrounded by a waxy chocolate coating. The only thing keeping it from being standard was the thin layer of blackcurrant jam on top of the marshmallow, which brought a fruity element to the candy. Not bad, but nothing really new for me in terms of experience.

My past couple entries have been mildly disappointing - let's hope the upcoming new year brings me some awesome finds.

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