Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 113

Caperberry: While I was out doing some errands today, I stopped back into Whole Foods on Ponce since I was already in the shopping center where it's located. I was just there a couple days ago, but I figured I'd check out the hot bar/salad bar again since they change out the items frequently. However, instead of looking at those, I perused the olive bar. I'm familiar with many varieties of olives, but I saw something on the bar that I'd never heard of: caperberry. Since WF is OK with giving out samples, I asked for a trial-size cup so I could try one of these.

The caperberry looked like an overgrown olive, with a long stem protruding from one end. I brought it home with me to try, and I was surprised at the results. It tasted like a hybrid of green olive and pepperoncini, with the center containing a seedy mixture much like a pepperoncini. It tasted like it had been brined (much like an olive), but the taste wasn't nearly as strong as an olive. Pretty tasty, and since I like olives, I could see snacking on these as an accompaniment to a cheese plate in place of olives.

I didn't even know what these were before today, but according to Wikipedia, caperberries are actually the fully grown bud of the caper plant. Capers are the immature buds from the plant, but those taste completely different. Interesting.

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