Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 130

Dried "Korushka" Fish: I have to be honest - these looked a little scary when I first spotted them in the BHFM. I love pretty much all things fish related, especially smoked varieties, but I'd never had any dried fish before. These came from the Eastern European section (which my readers probably know by now that I love), and despite their intimidating appearance, I was willing to try. As usual with most Eastern Euro products, there wasn't much English on the package - actually, there wasn't any English on it. I had to look at my receipt to even know what to call these things.
I did a bit of research to figure out if "Korushka" was a brand name or a type of fish, and I think it refers to the Russian name for smelt fish. I could be wrong, so feel free to correct me if needed. I should point out that these things smelled strong - like, I-could-smell-them-through-the-bag strong. It reminded me of the way fish food smells, which was probably not a good start. On to the eating.
I opened the bag, and the strong fish smell got even worse. Not terrible, but strong nonetheless. I popped one in my mouth, and it was super chewy, like jerky. The taste was a combination of fish, smoke and salt - actually pretty good once I got past the chewy toughness. If you like beef jerky, you'd probably like these just the same (if you can get past the idea of eating a whole tiny fish, bones and all). I knocked out a couple of the tiny fish before my jaw needed a rest, but I enjoyed them. My dad tried one, but based on his confused expression, I couldn't quite tell what he thought. Hey, at least he tried, which is more than most of my other friends would do.

Fish jerky, hmm. Should I tell Slim Jim about these?

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