Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 112

Soon Doo Boo: Last night I had a gig to play right off of Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, and on the way there I noticed several Asian eateries and markets near the club. I didn't have time to check any of them out, but I decided to go back today and see if I could find anything interesting to eat. I quickly stopped inside the Super H Mart on Pleasant Hill to see if they had some new eats in stock, but my stomach got the best of me. I can never resist their food court, and with the weather being colder today, a hearty Korean soup sounded awesome. The Korean stall had a lot of great options, but I went with this one after seeing someone else order it.
Soon Doo Boo was described as a "hot and spicy soft tofu stew." Several options were listed (kimchi, seafood, miso, mushroom, or beef), but I chose the "combination." I picked up my order a few minutes after placing it, and it was still boiling rapidly in the small stone pot. I had no choice but to stir and let it sit for awhile, since this insanely hot mixture would have likely destroyed my mouth and throat in this state. It was also served with sides of rice, kimchi and some sesame-tasting bean sprouts, so I snacked on those while waiting for the stew to cool.

Once it was safe to eat, I was really impressed with the flavors. The reddish miso-based broth was spicy and hearty - much better than the dishwater-y miso soup you're probaby used to eating at hibachi joints. The soft tofu melted in my mouth with each bite, and the combination of seafood (squid, mussels, shrimp) and mushroom/beef only added to the awesomeness. I ended up dunking some balls of rice into the mixture to soak up broth - not sure if that's standard eating procedure, but it was tasty regardless.I'll be back for this one (along with the dolsot bibimbap) again.

I might also add that this whole dish was only $6. Why can't this style of cooking be in every food court?

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