Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 131

Tako Chips Octopus Flavored Snack: So this may seem like a strange blog entry for Christmas Eve, but I was a bit hungry tonight before the fam's customary dinner of "party food" (meatballs, sausage balls, ham biscuits, etc). I've had to bring blog-worthy food with me on this trip, since my fam's currently residing in a small town in SC. Not many brand new culinary options going on here, so it was up to me to pack some food. As a pre-dinner snack, I broke open this bag of Tako "octopus flavored" snack chips I found last week at the BHFM. I doubted these would be as bizarre as the dried fish snacks I had last night, but I was curious to find out. How does someone extract "octopus flavor" and put it into a chip?
I've had plenty of bagged Asian snacks over the course of this blog, so I was curious to find out how different these were from the others. I was amused at how they were fish-shaped - why not octopus shaped? The texture was a lot like air-puffed corn chips (or a Goldfish cracker), but the taste was more strangely fishy than octopus-like. Not bad, but I can't say I was inspired to eat many of them. I noticed a lingering fish aftertaste, but that was quickly erased with a few sips of beer. No real octopus flavor going on here - oh well.

Not much more to say about these, really. Ok, but kind of a mindless, crunchy, potato-chip-like snack for quick consumption.

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