Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 125

Sweet Lime: Today's post is yet another new fruit I found on yesterday's shopping trip to the BHFM. It's always fun to shop there, but lately I've noticed that I've already worked my way through quite a few of the fruits they have to offer, which probably doesn't fare well for my blog. Anyway, I was glad to see they had some brand new items stocked up front, one of which was sweet lime. I had no idea how these were different from the traditional green limes that you see in every market, but I was willing to pick one up to try.
The sweet lime was slightly bigger than a regular lime, and the skin was sort of a spotted yellow instead of green. Once I cut it open, I noticed that it looked just like any other lime I've seen. However, that's where the differences ended. I was fully expecting a slightly sweeter version of a traditional lime, but this one was only sweet - no tartness or acidity at all. Interesting. I could actually eat whole pieces of it (not including the rind, of course) with no overwhelming tartness. To be honest, it didnt taste like much - it almost had a bitter grapefruit aftertaste, but no real pleasantness. I was hoping to use the lime for something (cocktails, maybe?), but I'm not sure if the mild taste would really be an additon to anything.

If anyone knows more about what sweet limes are used for, please feel free to comment. I haven't been able to find much online about these.

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