Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 129

Spartak "Dary Polesya" Candy: I'm a sucker for imported candies, so when I saw this oddity in the BHFM's Eastern European section, I knew I had to try it. Eastern European goods can be tricky, since there's usually little to no English written on the packaging. Based on the pictures and the vague list of ingredients, I knew this would be some sort of chocolate bar with "honey" filling or flavoring. I love chocolate (and honey), so I tossed it into my shopping cart.
I finally got around to trying it tonight, but before I did, I made sure to do a little research. I found the manufacturer's website (, and it stated that the "Dary Polesya" was a "barrel-type candy...each candy is formed like a barrel, consisting of 2 chocolate halves and containing fillings." Hmm. Apparently they make several varieties of these with different fillings, but mine was honey. Its only listed ingredients were "sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lecithin, honey, flavor vanilla."
OK, time for the eating. I unwrapped the candy, and it looked like many other chocolate bars, with block-type segments. I assumed that each segment was filled with the honey filling, and I was right. It tasted like dark chocolate with a gooey honey filling - pretty good, really. I ate half the bar and saved the rest for later, since it was fairly sweet. I can't really think of an American candy to compare it to, but it was tasty just the same.

If you like imported candies/chocolates/sweets, check out what the BHFM's Eastern European section has to offer. I also found a truly strange looking fish snack in the Eastern Euro section - stay tuned for that one in the next few days.

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