Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 124

Apple Pear: I know my readers are pretty used to me finding new foods at the Buford Highway Farmers Market, but I actually had a reason to go there today that didn't include finding new foods. I'm addicted to this Asian chili oil in a jar - not sure of the brand name since there isn't any English writing on the package, but I use it constantly as a way to spice up vegetables and other dishes. However, after finding what I needed, I knew I had to do some food hunting. How could I not in a great location like that, right? I ended up getting quite a few things (which you'll be reading about in the next few days), but I found a couple of great new items in the produce section. Tonight's blog entry is one of those: apple pear.

Upon first glance, it looked like an oversize, rounder pear, with a firm, light brown/gold skin. I assumed by the name that it would taste like a cross between both fruits, and I was eager to try it at home to see what it was all about. I decided to try a piece of it tonight as a snack, and the results were a lot like what I imagined. The flavor and texture was almost exactly like a hybrid of apple/pear, but a lot more pear-like in texture. Since I love both apples and pears, I was extremely happy with this find. The flesh was super-crisp and juicy, with the same sweetness as most red-skinned apples. Really tasty, and I'm always happy to discover new fruits that I can add into rotation.

Interestingly, the apple pear is not a hybrid of apple and pear. It's actually in the pear family, and goes by several names (Asian/Nashi/Korean/Japanese/etc.). Thanks, Wikipedia!

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