Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 323

Soup Dumplings: After an afternoon shopping trip up in the 'burbs today, me and the GF were hungry, so we detoured up 75 and decided to hit Tasty China for dinner. We'd been there once before and had a great meal, so we knew we couldn't go wrong. In addition to ordering a couple of favorites, we also found an item on the menu that I'd never tried: soup dumplings. I'd heard about them a million times but never had the chance to taste them, so I eagerly ordered. If they were as good as the rest of TC's food, I was in for a treat.
From what I'd heard, soup dumplings were much like other Chinese dumplings, but filled with a liquid "soup" as well as other fillings. These contained ground pork along with the soup, which sounded perfect to me. Once the server brought the dish, I noticed that they appeared to have been steamed, with a little twist and opening at the top. There was also a side dish of gyoza-style dipping sauce, but I wanted to taste one unadorned first.
My first bite reminded me instantly of a normal dumpling, and the outer skin was like many others I've tried. The real difference was in the filling. As I bit through the dough, I found that the interior was filled with a hot broth that spilled onto my plate - I'm glad we were at a table! It was really tasty, and when combined with the ground pork filling and dumpling skin, it resulted in a great flavor combination. I'm not sure if TC's are the best version of these in Atlanta (I've heard about others), but I enjoyed them a lot.

If you like filled dumplings at all, check these out if you see them at Tasty China (or anywhere else). Oh, and try TC's dry-fried eggplant - so good.


  1. I'm inclined to go to Chef Liu on BuHi for Soup Dumplings/Xiao Long Bao/XLB. From my travels through US, Taiwan, & China I've learned how one typically eats these beautiful morsels of deliciousness. Place dumpling in Chinese soup spoon thing, add sauce (personal pref. - dash of soy, vinegar, & thinly sliced ginger), nibble a bit off the top of a dumpling slurping out the soup then chomping down remnants. Again, TYPICALLY esp since I've been known to throw entire dumplings down the hatch although if filled with piping hot soup it will cause pain. I also learned that they stuff these things with gelatin-ized ground pork filling and when steamed, produces the "soup".

  2. Thanks for the info - I'll try to check out Chef Liu soon.