Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 344

Banana Cracker: As my readers know by now, it's pretty hard to stump me, but when I saw this unusual snack item at the Fiesta Farmers Market last week, I had no idea what to think. The market carries a primarily Hispanic inventory, but I actually found this Vietnamese import there after doing some intensive searching. Despite being called "banana cracker," I knew it would probably different from any cracker I've tried.
I decided to give it a try as a late-night snack tonight, and after I cut the bag open and took one out, I was surprised. It reminded me of a thin flour tortilla filled with ultra-thin banana slices, and I could actually see little pieces of banana layered on the surface. The only ingredients were banana and wheat flour, so I guess I was almost right with the tortilla comparison.
Once I finally took a bite, the results were strange, to say the least. The texture was also a lot like a flour tortilla, but one that was left out on the counter all night to go a bit stale. It took a bit of work to bite off a piece, but once I did, I was left with a chewy, slightly crunchy substance that had a strong banana flavor. There was also a strange plastic-y taste that was a bit disconcerting, but it was less noticeable as I tried a few more bites. Interesting, but I can't say I'd recommend them.

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