Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 328

Dried Olive: Today's new food is actually the second unusual olive product I've found at the Great Wall Supermarket in Duluth. I wasn't too thrilled with the "preserved olives" I bought a few weeks ago, and from what I've read since then, I don't even think they were actually olives. Based on their appearance, I was pretty sure these were real olives, and they looked more like little stones than food.
Even though they were dried, I didn't want them to go to waste, so I decided to give them a try this afternoon. I took a bite - well, I attempted to take a bite, and my teeth couldn't even break through the outside on the first attempt. Wow. I knew these were dried, but I didn't know they were almost inedible. Once I finally got a bite dislodged, I was left with a super-chewy, salty version of what used to possibly be a green olive. In addition, there was a sizable pit that didn't leave much actual olive. Not good, and if these were intended as a snack, I could definitely think of better choices. I got through one bite before giving up - it didn't taste good enough to risk unhinging my jaw.
With only a little over a month left in this project, I'm gonna have to start working harder to find some new things I really enjoy. It's hard to fill 365 days with one new thing a day, and I knew going into this that they all wouldn't be good, but I really want to end on a positive (and tasty) note.

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