Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 341

Tindora: I've eaten a lot of food during this blog that looks and tastes a lot like something else. Since I don't do much research before I buy something, I can either be surprised or disappointed if that happens. Much like yesterday's nectarine mango, this "tindora" I found at the Fiesta Farmers Market instantly reminded me of a gherkin or mini-cucumber. I was interested enough to grab a couple to take home, and at only a few cents apiece, I really couldn't go wrong. Maybe they'd be really different from what I expected.
Even though I bought these last weekend, they held up surprisingly well in the fridge until today. I wasn't quite sure how to eat them, but based on their cucumber-like appearance, I assumed I could eat them raw. I cut one in half to see what was happening on the inside, and it looked like a much seedier cucumber, with little chambers filled with small seeds. 
The flavor didn't leave me with too much to write about. Much like the appearance, it tasted like a seedier cucumber or gherkin, with a decent amount of crunch. Some online sources compared it to bitter melon, but I didn't detect any bitterness at all. Apparently, tindoras are considered to be a small gourd, not cucumber, and they're a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine. Maybe they're more exciting when worked into another dish, but I can't see trying them on their own again.

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