Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 350

Potato Kugel: Remember a few days ago when I mentioned finding something else interesting at the Toco Hills "Kosher Kroger?" Well, that's today's new food. While I was browsing the Kosher section a few days ago in hopes of finding something (which is hard to do anywhere after almost a year), I noticed this box of Manischewitz potato kugel on one of the top shelves. I'd had noodle kugel several times and loved it, so I wondered how this potato version compared. I couldn't resist, so I put one in my basket to take home.
The noodle kugel I'd eaten before was a mildly sweet dish made from egg noodles, sugar, cottage cheese, cinnamon, and varied fruits, but this potato version was definitely going to be more savory than sweet. The main ingredients were potatoes, vegetable shortening, onion, and salt, and the prep was super easy. All I had to do was take the dry mix and combine it with oil, water, and eggs, then bake for an hour. They even provided the aluminum baking pan, so screwing this up was basically impossible.

After baking as a side for tonight's dinner, the mix developed a nice brown crust on top. I plated a piece and took a bite, and was really happy with the results. The interior reminded me of fluffier potato pancakes or hash browns, but with a stronger onion flavor than either of those. It was almost like a potato souffle, and I knocked out seconds of this pretty quickly after eating the first piece. Really good.
Even though this dish was vastly different from the sweeter noodle kugel, I'd definitely buy it again.

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