Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 336

Pan Dulce: After doing some errands in the Buford Highway area yesterday, I managed to make a couple food stops along the way since my stockpile at home was completely depleted. I'd been to the Fiesta Farmers Market (located next to the Plaza Fiesta) once before and had decent luck, so I went in again in hopes of finding something. In addition to a couple of new fruits, I also found a few interesting products in the store's bakery. I love discovering new sweets, and the bakery had a whole array of traditional Mexican pastries for sale. They all looked good, but some of them were just standard cookies and cakes.

As usual, I opted for something I couldn't identify. I spotted a rather large roll-type pastry with some sort of pink frosting on top. The bakery referred to all their pastries as "pan dulce" (sweet bread), so I'm not sure if this particular one even had its own name. I knew it would probably be good for breakfast, so I bought one to take home.
Since fresh pastries don't tend to stay that way very long, I went ahead and gave it a try this afternoon. It was definitely tasty, but I don't have too much to report. Like the name promised, it tasted like sweet white bread. It wasn't quite as moist as I hoped it would be, but for a light breakfast option, it was pretty good. The pink frosting on top wasn't as sweet as I expected, and I'm still not entirely sure what it was made from. It wasn't as rich as cake frosting, and it crumbled easily. 
I definitely want to go back and try some of the market's other pastries now. I saw several others that looked good, and at only $0.89 apiece, how could I go wrong?

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